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Introducing A.I.M.

Measurable results, efficient approach

Start streamlining your Cybersecurity program today!
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Adapting to growing business needs and dynamic threat landscape is challenging

Organizations have to adapt to new business needs and so does cybersecurity:

Supporting an increasingly remote workforce

Increasing usage of BYOD and personal devices

Utilizing more cloud solutions for application and infrastructure

Cybersecurity is playing catch-up to the evolving threat landscape:

Adversaries are using more advanced techniques

Compromises are leading to higher financial and operational impacts

Relying on technology alone is not enough

The Isepio difference

Isepio was founded by cybersecurity experts who have first hand experience with the challenges that organizations face and how cybersecurity consulting firms can be inefficient or ineffective sometimes. We believe that having the right people, processes, technologies, and a cohesive approach to building a cybersecurity program can help organizations overcome those challenges.

Isepio wants to be your partner for success. This is why we perform our cybersecurity services based on these guiding principles:

Utilizing expert cybersecurity professionals to perform our services is key to effective results

Understanding an organization's maturity level is crucial to providing expert recommendations and achieving measurable improvements

Knowing the target audience and providing concise communication is very important to ensure success

The quality of work and the improvement of cybersecurity is more important than financial gains

These principles is why Isepio will conduct a free workshop before every engagement to understand your organization's cybersecurity maturity and guarantee the quality of our work.

Our Story

Helping organizations efficiently improve their cybersecurity programs is our one and only goal

Why Us
A.I.M. Approach


Looking at the current cybersecurity landscape, we noticed two worrying trends:

Cybersecurity organizations are introducing complexity, buzzwords, as well as marketing and technical jargon that makes it more difficult to develop and maintain a robust cybersecurity program

Cybersecurity is not complicated, this is why Isepio developed the A.I.M. approach.


The A.I.M approach is a simplified and standardized methodology to build and sustain a robust cybersecurity program. It is intended to supplement, not replace, existing industry standards, frameworks, and guidelines.

Contact us today to learn how to A.I.M.


  • Define requirements

  • Determine maturity

  • Determine risks

  • Prioritize corrective actions based on maturity and risk levels

  • Learn and improve

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  • Operate, maintain, and support

  • Test and validate

  • Document and communicate areas for improvements

  • Learn and improve

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  • Develop measurable action plan

  • Test and validate

  • Implement, integrate and automate

  • Validate and support

  • Learn and improve

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A large number of recent cyber compromises could have been avoided by implementing basic cybersecurity controls and industry best practices

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